On December 20th, 2016, the Institute of Strategy and Policy on Natural Resources and Environment (ISPONRE) together with the GIZ presented the final results of Vulnerability Assessments in Ha Tinh and Quang Binh province. The study was realised by the International Centre of Environmental Management (ICEM) and a team of national consultants. The workshop was chaired by Dr Nguyen The Chinh, Director General of ISPONRE.

Robert Mather, key author of the study, presented the approach and the findings. The methodology focuses on the use of ecosystems to help humans adapt to climate change. The assessments provide in-depth analysis on ecological, economic and social factors, identify exposure and sensitivity to climate hazards, and analyse adaptive capacities to eventually present a list of the most vulnerable socio-ecological systems in the two provinces. The information will help decision-makers to have more insights into and better understand the risks resulting from changing climate.

Facilitators and participants alike enjoyed the workshop

Robert Mather (ICEM): "Try to look at development interventions with EbA-glasses on."

Dr. Nguyen The Chinh: "The development potential of Vietnam is limited if we don't take care of our environment."

The workshop participants discuss the next steps for their provinces

Detailed suggestions are made...

...and concrete needs are defined

All participants are very engaged in the discussion

Michael Wahl (GIZ): "Vulnerability assessments are the basis for better planning processes."

Ivo Litzenberg (GIZ) presents the new website 'climatechange.vn'

Preliminary findings have already been integrated into the provincial Climate Change Response Action Plans (2016-2020).

The study also provides extensive information on three selected socio-ecological systems at village level, showing what should be done to better adapt to the challenges of a changing climate and to improve people’s resilience against the phenomenon.

To download Robert Mather’s presentation, please click here
To download the presentation on VA in Ha Tinh, please click here
To download the presentation on VA in Quang Binh, please click here

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