Vulnerability Assessments in Ha Tinh and Quang Binh

In Ha Tinh and Quang Binh province GIZ and ISPONRE contracted ICEM Asia and national consultants to run comprehensive vulnerability assessments (VA). The methodology of the VA was adapted to provide in depth information about climate change, its impacts on society, economy and ecology. The Departments of Natural Resources and Environment (DONRE) of the two provinces provided important data and are approving the findings of the assessment. Key findings show the high vulnerability of the two provinces, identify socio-ecological systems (SES) in the two provinces which are threatened most and give recommendations about ecosystem-based adaptation possibilities. On 20 December 2016 the results will be presented in a workshop organised by ISPONRE and GIZ  in Hanoi to experts and representatives of the civil society. Please send us your request, if you want to get more information