Financing EbA

The concept of EbA is still relatively new to Vietnam. For many institutions in the country, EbA is still a new topic. EbA measures are only slowly being included in Vietnam’s climate change policy and society, despite their potential contribution to climate change adaptation and biodiversity conservation. Additionally, EbA measures are often a part of larger cross-sectoral projects, e.g. in infrastructure, agriculture or biodiversity, which makes it more difficult to integrate and mainstream them within traditional sectoral policy planning approaches in Vietnam.

In addition, financing options, both national and international, for such measures remain unclear. International climate finance has a significantly stronger focus on mitigation measures. According to the Climate Policy Initiative, in 2014, 91% of total climate finance flows (USD 302 billion) were provided for mitigation measures, mainly for investment in renewables. Conversely, the share of funds for adaptation was rather small – only USD 25 billion. Nevertheless, existing international funds and the Green Climate Fund can offer multiple options and resources for climate-related activities, including EbA. With a complex architecture of international climate finance institutions, further analysis is needed to understand which international sources are of the most relevance for financing CC Adaptation and EbA in Vietnam and how to successfully access them.

In this context, GIZ and ISPONRE conducted a study called “Mapping out and analysing financing options for Ecosystem-based Adaptation (EbA) in Vietnam” with the help from a Germany-based Adelphi consulting company. This study provides a comprehensive panorama of possible relevant EbA financing options for Vietnam as well as advises useful recommendations for administrative, institutional, and legal frameworks of Vietnam to attract more funding for implementation for EbA measures, both domestically and internationally. Central points from the report are gathered on this page.

To download the report on financing EbA, please click here

Finance Options

Vietnam’s national climate change strategies and budgets do not prioritise EbA. Although understanding and awareness of EbA and its potential for Vietnam is growing, focus on EbA in Vietnamese national strategies or priorities is still poor. In other words, policy makers and wider audience have not yet sufficiently engaged with EbA as a relevant climate change adaptation approach. The lack of specific laws highlighting EbA impedes budget allocation for EbA on the national and provincial levels. With current budgeting proced